Trump Just Admitted Russia Interfered In The Election, And Then Blamed Obama For It

Trump’s Criticism May Mean He’s Finally Admitting The Truth
Telling on someone, but indicting yourself in the process, is a mistake many children make. Just ask any child who told an adult they were goofing off in class in hopes their classmate gets in…

Trump Made A Significant Spelling Error In A Tweet – And Twitter Won’t Let Him Forget It

It’s common knowledge that Donald Trump isn’t the most eloquent wordsmith. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that in a recent video released by the Trump administration, there was a massive spelling error: Miners was spelled minors.

Obviously, twitter jumped on this real quick.      

The jokes write themselves. 

Wow. Minors, maybe working in those clean beautiful coal mines. Makes me  nostalgic for that great asbestos insulation and lead paint.— Tersa (@TerryTerse) June 23, 2017


You can easily change a popular slogan. 

Make child labor great again— Peggy J Cone (@ConePeggy) June 23, 2017

Or use historical photos that show a time where the spelling error actually existed. 

Yes, Dear Leader. Put those lazy children back to work— Eduardo (@edjames01) June 23, 2017

Perhaps, pointing out how ironically fitting this spelling error aligns with Betsy Devos’s dystopian school plan. 

Isn’t that part of Betsy DeVos’ philosophy? Not everyone is cut out for school, so just put them to work?— Lynne (@LynneGarrison) June 23, 2017

Maybe making your own spelling error is more your style. 

You’ve got to be shidding me— Ian Paige (@u2fellowcitizen) June 23, 2017

If you hate your kids, perhaps you’re actually on board with this idea. 

Good. My kids need something to do this summer.— Glen Buhlmann (@GlenBikes) June 23, 2017

If you’re feeling meta, you can blame the spelling error on the spelling error. 

Minor miners at work must be working on his web site.— Darren McMichael (@da_mcm) June 23, 2017

Or just quote Trump’s inevitable pick for poet laureate. 

I think Bugs Bunny said it best: “What a maroon!”— Scar Radio (@ScarRadio) June 23, 2017

For everyone who is scared of Trump’s administration, thankfully he at least gives us a chance to laugh.

Here’s the video:

Before the @realDonaldTrump facebook deletes it, Here is a download of the video they posted putting your “Minors” back to work in coal— ALT Immigration (@ALT_uscis) June 23, 2017

H/T: HuffingtonPost, Twitter

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