Netflix Has Hidden Movie Categories And You Can Use A Secret Code To Access Them

You’ve logged thousands of hours into Netflix and chill…well…not really so much the chill part, but you’ve definitely binge-watched your fair share of shows. That’s cool. But what happens once you’re done watching stuff that’s actually good? It’s n…

Seems Like Donald Isn’t That Bad After All?

Far too often, the main stream media will only focus on the bad aspects of our Commander-in-Chief. Little does everyone know, that since Trump set foot in the house some amazing things have happened. We’ve also covered some of the good deeds Donald has done, which obviously, the media avoided. 1. NASA Finds 7 New […]

Guy Raffles His £650k House for £2

Prizes at raffles typically involve a bottle of alcohol that looks like it coud be older than youare, a Christmas soap set that no one wants, and some chocolates no one has heard of. Entering a raffle could land you with a six-bedroom newly refurbished mansion inLancashire worth £650k – so it’s probably worth a […]

The Donald’s Most Hilarious Outrageous Quotes

We all know the 45th President – The Donald – isn’t really our president. He’s more of America’s Joker. And no. Not the super cool Batman Joker. Mr Trump has also been on the hit-list for speaking some of the most convertesial parts of his mind. Most are very emotive, but we can mostly agree […]

These Childhood Actors Are HOT!

We’ve all watched and thought about how awkward some actors were when they were kids.Thank god puberty exists, these childhood actors are now FLAMING HOT! We’ve listed 12 of the ones we think are the most notable. Comment down below if you think we’ve missed out anyone from the same period.   1. DANICA MCKELLAR […]

Smoke Weed? Now You Can’t Buy Guns.

Marijuana is considered to make a person conduct irrational decisions and risky behaviour. This isn’t always true. Wait, hang on, is that even true? We’re talking about marijuana, not alcohol. Even if you consume your green in a state where it’s legal to use medically or recreationally, you’ve just become barred by federal law from purchasing […]

Ever Wondered Why Toilet Stall Doors Aren’t Ever Fully Enclosed?

Public stalls are like heaven in a busy,cramped shopping mall. However, have you noticed that whenever you go to a public stall, the doors are never fully enclosed? Nicolas Gonzalez Garrido (Founder at has answered this very question on Quora. We listed his reasons down below. Cost reduction   Not only due to a reduced […]