Taking Photos Of Our Lives Is Forcing Our Brains To Leave Out Something Important

Nowadays, everyone has a high-powered computer at their fingertips.
If you have a smartphone, the computing power of that device alone is more powerful than the computers we used to first send people to space. That’s insane! Most smartphones also have…

People Keep Saying That Alexa Stopped This Assault, But That May Not Be The Case

Technology is becoming smarter and smarter, and it’s around us 24/7.
While this sort of sounds like the plot to a movie about robots taking over the world, the fact is that technology has made our lives easier, and oftentimes, it makes us safer. Amazo…

The Truth Behind “Shot On iPhone” Ads Revealed

Just last month, Apple released yet another commercial full of stunning videos, all purportedly “shot on iPhone.” YouTube tech blogger Marques Brownlee thought it looked a little too good to be true, and once he stopped to read the fine print at the end of the ad, the investigation was open.

Phone Scammers Accidentally Call A Programmer, Regret It Immediately

Phone scams may be getting more and more clever by the day, but one office full of phony IRS agents made a decidedly dumb move when they called a computer programmer who happens to specialize in scam prevention.

This Genius Invention Is Saving Animals From Terrible Death

Having a swimming pool is a super fun way to stay cool during the summer. For the small animals living in your backyard, however, it can be a death trap. Wildlife biologist Rich Mason is out to change that with his simple, yet ingenious invention – the FrogLog.