Owl Cabins In France Let You Sleep For Free, And Their Interior Is As Good As Exterior

An adorable cabin built to resemble three forest owls is now ready for campers in the Bordeaux region of Southwestern France, and it costs absolutely nothing to stay the night. It’s part of an initiative encouraging city dwellers to get off the grid and experience nature, and we can’t lie – we’re dying to go for it!

Plenty Of People Take Great Travel Photos, But Hers Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

Traveling the world is exciting, and many choose to go on an adventure after graduation.
After all, it seems like the perfect time to take a break after all that hard work and get some new experiences before entering the workforce. For some, this exp…

Taiwan’s Subway Cars Transformed Into Different Sport Venues For The Upcoming Universiade

Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan, is gearing up to host the 2017 Summer Universiade. To spread the hype, they gave the subway cars of their Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system a makeover – by turning them into shockingly realistic simulations of sport venues.

I Am A Travelling Artist And These Are Some Of My Latest City Illustrations From Around The World

I have been travelling over the past year and have kept a diary in sketches.
Here are some of my more detailed cityscapes. Each drawing is 5x5inches in size and done with pen markers.

Then And Now: I Visited The Same Location 30 Years Later

I just returned home to California after completing a fun photography project in Europe.
I took 13 scanned old photos of me from 30 years ago and went to see if I could find the same exact locations to take photos of what I look like now. I hope to return again in another thirty years!

16 Hotel Fails That’ll Make You Want To Just Stay Home Forever

For people like me who love traveling, nice hotel rooms are basically the best.
I love hanging out in a space where I’m not responsible for cleaning up, and getting away always helps me reset and unwind. I’ve been in my fair share of dumpy hotels, too…

Instead Of Selfies, We Document Our Journey In A More Interesting Way – Doodles (Part 3)

As we’ve planned to continue our Doodle project, the question that always come to us is “where to go next?” 
And the answer always come back to our favorite holiday spot: BALI. We always love Bali: the beach, the food, the people, also all those cute instagramable places to hangout. So here’s our doodle story tribute for The Island of Gods.

Girl Gets Herself A Chalkboard Leg And Goes On A Trip

A recent college graduate decided to go on a trip around Europe last month, and she did something unique that took her vacation photo game from tacky tourist to viral legend in one Reddit post.