Guy Raffles His £650k House for £2

Prizes at raffles typically involve a bottle of alcohol that looks like it coud be older than youare, a Christmas soap set that no one wants, and some chocolates no one has heard of.

Entering a raffle could land you with a six-bedroom newly refurbished mansion inLancashire worth £650k so it’s probably worth a £2 investment.

Dunstan Low, a struggling father, is hoping to sell enough tickets to pay the asking price forthe refurbished home.

He’s come into financial hardship, and after putting the home up for sale and not finding abuyer, the house is facing repossession.

He bought it for £435,000 in 2011 after falling in love with the Georgian manor, and hascompletely redone the property adding a new kitchen, doing up the bedrooms and evenadding a huge family bathroom.

The huge property was once a hotel, and features ballroom large enough to park six cars, acinema room, a brand new kitchen, six bedrooms with en-suites and one large familybathroom.

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch? The only catch is that the house remains onthe market with an asking price of £650k if someone snaps it up before the raffle target isreached, your chances of winning it will be gone.

Dunstan says if such a thing were to happen, he would look to give away all of the rafflemoney as a cash prize to one entrant.

Dunstan has raised £1,500 so far in raffle money, and it has come from keen participants inplaces as far as Australia and he says he’s had lots of inerests, with one man telling himhe planned on buying £1000 worth of tickets.

After talking to many estate agents and quick buy companies, we believe it is in our bestinterest to take the sale of our property into our own hands, whilst offering someone else tothe opportunity to own and enjoy the property as their own. I had been thinking about doingthis [raffle] on and off for a few years now but so far hadn’t acted. I knew that people haddone this before but had problems, and I needed to make sure everything was above boardand legal.”

If you fancy your chances at winning the house, you can buy an entry for £2, orenter for free by post on his website.



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