Seems Like Donald Isn’t That Bad After All?

Far too often, the main stream media will only focus on the bad aspects of our Commander-in-Chief. Little does everyone know, that since Trump set foot in the house some amazing things have happened. We’ve also covered some of the good deeds Donald has done, which obviously, the media avoided.

1. NASA Finds 7 New Planets Under Trump


7 up for Trump, 1 down for Obama.

Whilst under ruling of former president – Barack Obama – we’ve lost Pluto.

Whilst under ruling of current president – Donald Trump – Nasa has released a statement that we’ve found 7 new exoplanets in a nearby solar system.Three of them might have a suitable temperature for water and possible life.

2. Dow Jones Industrial Stock Index Reaches All-Time High


Warne: Dow 20K reminds investors stocks go up over time  

U.S. equities closed at all-time highs on Wednesday after a series of executive orders from President Donald Trump increased bullish sentiment on Wall Street, while financials outperformed.

The Dow Jones industrial average broke above 20,000 for the first time, rising about 150 points as Boeing, Goldman Sachs and IBM contributed the most gains.


3.Russia To Restore ‘Fully Fledged’ Relations With US

RUSSIA (CNN) — Vladimir Putin wants Russia to restore fully fledged relations with the United States after Donald Trump’s victory, the Russian president said on state television.

4.Neopalpa donaldtrumpi


Discovered in California, this Moth has been named after Donald Trump as of it’s striking resemblence to Mr Trump’s luscious hair.

5.Trump’s private jet flew a seriously ill jewish boy from California to New York for medical treatment


The private Boeing 727 of real estate tycoon Donald Trump arrived from Los Angeles at LaGuardia Airport, carrying aboard an Orthodox Jewish child with a rare and still undiagnosed breathing illness.

The child, Andrew Ten, age 3, arrived with his parents — accompanied by three nurses who attend to him around the clock — to try to seek medical help in the New York area.

Trump made his plane available for the special trip to New York after the boy’s parents, Judy and Harold Ten, called Trump and told him of their plight.

Commercial airlines refused to fly the child because he could not travel without an elaborate life-support system, which includes a portable oxygen tank, a suction machine, a breathing bag and an adrenaline syringe.

“Mr. Trump did not hesitate when we called him up. He said ‘yes, I’ll send my plane out,’” 29-year-old Harold Ten recalled shortly after he landed here.


6.Trump Was At Ground Zero Looking For Survivors


Donald Trump was on ground zero after the September 11th attacks. He sent over 200 of  his own people to look for survivors in the wreckage. And Surprise, the media has barely noted this in the past elections.


7.November 8th, 2016: Donald Trump saved America

He’s pretty much stuck to his slogan. He’s making an ALREADY MADE  America Great again. Sure there’s a lot of haters, but some of them have actually reconsidered, in these next 4 years, they’ll be voting him in again.



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