Badass Robot Beats “I am not a robot” Captcha

Gone are the days where robots are banned from using the internet. This little guy beat the Captcha on a file hosting site. Check the video out down below! Do you think robots are awesome? Then share this post!

Owner Constantly Gets Robbed. What He Does Is Genius!

Small business owners are always a target to local criminals. This store was a go-to target for thieves. However this owner was fed up with it. What he does will keep you laughing in amazement. Watch the video below to check out what he did!   Did you find this awesome? Funny? Or do you […]

TOO MUCH HORSEPOWER?! 5 Cars That Produce Way Too Much Horsepower.

Some cars are just packing way too many horses under the hood. Sure, the more horsepower the better right? Well no. Not exactly. You can’t really use a Lamborghini Veneno’s 6.5 liter aspirated V12 engine on a busy London street now, can you? 1. Mustang Shelby GT500 With the 2013 model sitting with 662 horses under […]

These ADORABLE Vines Will Make You Happy After Trump’s Inauguration

With Trump becoming the new POTUS, we can imagine that you’re pretty stressed out, we are too. Thankfully these ADORABLE 10 Vines brought us back to our happy place. Who knew such adorable vines were the potion to happiness.   Looks like little Jax can’t seem to find his Voice   If you listen to […]